“In preparing for battle I have always found that plans are useless, but planning is indispensable.”

— Dwight D. Eisenhower

Moving a good idea from point A to point B can sometimes feel like getting ready for combat. What comes first? Who is the opposition? Where are the battlelines? Who to alert? When to engage? When not to engage? The partners at Axiom Public Affairs have worked at the highest levels of local, state and federal government and politics, and offer unparalleled expertise and leadership in lobbying, communications, public affairs, media relations, campaign management and consulting, public relations, crisis management, political advising and much more.

The Axiom team will apply their expertise and connections to get your desired outcomes. We’ll help you find your starting point and stay with you all the way to the finish line.

Jim Norton
Managing Partner
With decades of experience advising clients on legislative, regulatory, and public affairs matters, Jim Norton is widely recognized as one of the state’s most influential government affairs consultants. He is well known locally and across the state as an experienced leader in economic development and business development. Under his leadership, his government and public affairs practice has grown to represent many of the most recognizable corporate names and trade associations. Norton developed his expertise in economic and business development while serving as the Vice President of Public Affairs for the Arizona Chamber of Commerce and Industry. While at the Chamber, he had the opportunity to work throughout the state with a wide array of small and large businesses, developing his policy acumen across many industries and laying the groundwork for many of the major economic development initiatives the state has since implemented.
Sean Noble
Sean Noble is a pioneer in independent expenditure campaigns and an expert in developing and implementing policy and political strategies. Noble worked for a decade as chief of staff to Congressman John Shadegg (R-Ariz.), and along the way he became the go-to campaign advisor for conservatives and conservative issues from his home state of Arizona to Washington, D.C. In 2009-2010, he developed and implemented a national strategy to fight against a government takeover of healthcare and later managed independent expenditure campaigns in more than 75 Congressional districts, assisting in the 2010 Republican takeover of the U.S. House of Representatives. In 2012, he managed a $300 million year-long issue advocacy and independent expenditure effort that focused on more than a dozen states. Noble has also managed campaigns for Congress, U.S. Senate, Governor, State Legislature, and ballot initiatives.
Melissa M. DeLaney
For nearly 15 years, Melissa DeLaney has worked in political communications and public affairs in Washington, D.C. and Arizona, working to develop messages and media strategy for high profile, international and controversial issues and figures. Most recently, she served as Communications Director for Arizona Governor Doug Ducey’s winning campaign in 2014. DeLaney previously worked in economic development as Vice President, Communications and Public Affairs for the Greater Phoenix Economic Council, where she spearheaded media campaigns highlighting the region’s business landscape, assets and quality of life and worked to advance public policy initiatives to drive further investments in the state. Her broad-based experience includes: working as a spokesperson for various public officials, including members of Congress, White House Cabinet members, and statewide officials and candidates; working with local, national and international reporters and news outlets; managing crises; writing speeches and op-eds; media training high-level officials; coalition building; and using the media for strategic management of a legislative agenda or public policy issue.
Adam Deguire
Adam Deguire has over a decade of experience in managing candidate and issue advocacy campaigns throughout the country. Prior to joining Axiom, Adam served as Congressman Matt Salmon’s chief of staff for almost four years. Deguire has been a senior political aide for numerous federal, state and local campaigns, including New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez’s election in 2010. Deguire’s political experience also includes positions as Executive Director and GOTV Director for two different state Republican Party committees. In addition, he previously worked at the Republican National Committee and College Republican National Committee in Washington, D.C. At Axiom, Deguire served as Campaign Manager for the 2016 ballot initiative campaign that successfully defeated recreational marijuana in Arizona, while also serving as General Consultant for Congressman Andy Biggs’ winning campaign. A native Arizonan and proud Eagle Scout, Deguire graduated from the University of Arizona with a degree in Political Science. He lives in Mesa with his wife, Dawn.
Kelsey B. Lundy
Kelsey Lundy has over 20 years of government relations experience at all levels of government. She has successfully navigated her clients through difficult and controversial legislative and regulatory issues relating to banking and finance, state budgeting, health insurance, labor/management, healthcare and healthcare professions and public pension systems. Her practice areas include health insurance, health care, higher education, tax policy, state budgeting, public pension systems and law enforcement. She previously served as a senior government relations advisor with Williams & Associates for 10 years in Phoenix. Lundy has also served as Director of Legislative Relations with the Illinois State Chamber of Commerce and as Director of Community Affairs with the St. Louis Regional Chamber and Growth Association. A graduate of the University of Arizona, Lundy served as an intern for the Arizona House of Representatives, the Office of Arizona Attorney General Grant Woods and the Office of U.S. Senator John McCain.
Sara Sparman
Senior Associate
With more than 13 years of government affairs, lobbying, and public policy experience at all levels of Arizona government, Sara Sparman is poised to help Axiom service their clients which include many of the most recognizable Arizona-based political figures, businesses, and advocacy groups. Sparman, a graduate of Arizona State University, has successfully assisted past clients in legislative agenda development, strategic planning, coalition and grassroots development, policy negotiations, and project management. Her areas of expertise include: property, casualty, health, and long-term care insurance; workers’ compensation; and other issues affecting municipal governments and professional and trade associations.
Jessie Armendt
Senior Associate
Jessie Armendt has spent the last seven years around the state capitol where she has developed experience in public safety, education, healthcare and animal welfare issues. She is a graduate from Rice University where she received a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy. Armendt began her lobbying career as the Government Relations Coordinator at Williams and Associates, where she spent two years before moving to Arizona Governmental Affairs as a Director. Before entering into the policy realm, she spent a year in a philosophy Ph.D. program at the University of Maryland and then returned to Arizona to work as a behavioral therapist for children with autism.
Bill Ritz
Bill Ritz has over 14 years of government affairs experience. He has spent the past 11 years with the Arizona State Senate, with the last six years employed as a Legislative Research Analyst for both the Finance, and the Banking and Insurance Committees. Prior to joining the Senate, Bill was a Legislative Assistant for the California State Assembly. Bill is a graduate of California State University, Sacramento, with a bachelor’s degree in Government.
Denise Stecker
Office Manager
Before joining Axiom Public Affairs, Denise Stecker spent more than 20 years working in Arizona as a Legal Administrator. Her work in that area involved assisting attorneys in all aspects of their cases, including preparing for trials and working closely with law firm clients, Arizona government employees, and members of the public. During a legal hiatus, Denise worked for a large lighting company in the Phoenix area for three years, managing the customer service department. Within a year, Denise was instrumental in increasing their JD Power customer service rating from 46.5 percent to 98 percent. Denise has three children, and in her spare time she likes to exercise, hike and bake. Most of all, she loves to spend time with her family.